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Liz Pope is a singer songwriter, musician from Auburn, California. She is a mix between Shawn Colvin, Jewel and the Goo Goo Dolls singing songs about life experiences. She is a fast rising artist whose popularity has grown all over the world. She’s a rare talent hidden in the gem of the foothills. Throughout her life, she’s been challenged, faced with obstacles and overcame them in the face of adversity. Her song ‘Undermine’ became a radio single in July 2015 hitting the major markets/cities of London, Sydney, Rome, Italy, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Arizona, Boston, Massachusetts, San Francisco, California, Houston, Texas, Miami, Shanghai, China, Istanbul, Turkey, Bueno Aires, Argentina and Paris France. Music has played an important piece in her life and she has her grandma, guitar teacher, family friends to thank for allowing her to explore the guitar, singing and songwriting. From that point, Liz’s musical talents blossomed and she ended up studying music as a minor in college and learned how to record. Liz’s background is in radio broadcasting. She worked in major markets like San Francisco, Reno, and the greater Sacramento Area. She has had many radio, print and blog interviews and received some recognition for her music. She has auditioned for the voice, America’s got talent and x-factor and has been invited to talent showcases, open mics and performed all throughout California. Her music journey continues and she cannot wait to re-connect again with fans all over the world.

Multi-genre Artist, Ephi, Sizzles with Latest Album “Boozy Wtrmln”

By Nadia Sobehart

Josephine “Ephi” Fernandez is an up-and-coming artist from Oakland California. With family roots in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Durango, Mexico, the multicultural artist has been surrounded by music from a young age through her powerhouse-vocalist mother (who is also a pastor), her oldies-inspired father, her rock-and-roll-loving stepfather, and an uncle who played in a cumbia band.

Ephi is not tied to one genre in particular but she is eternally loyal to music as a whole. “Music is my outlet and therapy for everybody,” says Ephi of her passion. The film Selena was an early influence for the artist, who also went on to fall for Aaliyah’s vocals and stage presence. Ephi spent countless hours in her childhood bedroom creating dance routines and pretending to perform onstage—a routine that would prepare her for a musical career later in life.

As the years went on, the young artist practiced guitar and began writing rock and folk songs to pass the time. What she couldn’t express with words, she emoted through visual arts, from scrapbooking to drawing and painting. Phi’s performing life truly took off when she joined her mother on a mini tour of churches at which she was able to sing. “I never thought I’d put myself out there. Keeping it going and putting it out there and not being scared—that’s what I’m proudest of,” says Ephi of committing to her journey through life’s inevitable setbacks.

As a young mother, Ephi spent the next few years “singing in the shower” until she was asked to cover “Redbone” for a friend who later convinced her to get back into music. Studying vocalists who shared her range and tone, the revitalized artist began playing with melodies and rhythms to create her own sound. Not long after, she collaborated with DJ Green Velvet to add vocals to a track with DJ Mason Maynard. Working with other talented musicians across the U.S., Ephi came up with the tracks on her first album, a lo-fi hip-hop project named “Junebug,” released in 2019. In 2021, Ephi was diagnosed with late autism, thus shedding light on herself as both a person and an artist.

“I’ve never really been about one genre,” says the artist of her sound as well as what inspires her. “Sensual, atmospheric, chill—if that counts” is how she would describe her music to new listeners. “Even the times I’ve made reggaeton or r&b, it always ended up being a slow, sensual vibe naturally.”

Writing music comes organically to the musician. “It could be on a hike, when I’m with my kids, sometimes watching a movie and one of the lines inspires me—it’s all very random,” Ephi shares of her writing process. “Sometimes I pull up a random beat and the words come. Sometimes the words are there, but I don’t have a beat so I’ll write the melody. Sometimes it comes together last minute; sometimes it takes months to develop. I wish I could just hear a melody/beat and write to it in a traditional way but that’s not always the case. It’s kind of scattered but comes together perfectly.”
Fueled by the positive feedback around “Junebug,” Ephi dropped six music videos and began contemplating a second volume release. This October, on “Junebug”’s third anniversary, Ephi is planning to do just that.

In the meantime, she is set to release “Boozy Wtrmln,” an atmospheric, sensual album piecing together old and new musical elements. Be sure to keep up to date with the artist and her latest releases through the links below.